It is very difficult to write during these times anything but doom and gloom.

There are so many injustices to write about.

So much is being done to harm and hurt and wound.

Yet, I know these times are not unique.

There have always been times when inhumanity seemed to reign.

Hope seemed in short supply.

Where there was doubt the sun would even rise the next day.

And what happened during those times?

There were always some who knew no matter what tomorrow brought,
they were still here to live with one another,
laugh with one another,
uphold one another,
support one another,
be witnesses for one another,
and love one another.

Those who did good even when tired.
Stood up for others, even when pushed down.
Called for loving their neighbor even when hate was the loudest voice many heard.
These same people will stand up regardless of who is in office.
They will fight for justice, regardless of those who try to quench it.
They will love and serve their neighbor, seeking to see their neighbor in those different than themselves.
They will give to others; of their time, their resources, and their heart.
And in this way, they show a different way.

They are the faithful Remnant.
The glowing flame that never goes out.
The angels in abandoned places.
The messengers of hope.
And the witness to a greater love.

They are us.



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